What is the

DGL.LK will be an web platform which will contain the games which are currently in the market. The platform will be Free and customers must subscribe to the game tournaments and play to win cash prizes.

Game Tournament(s)/Contest(s)  will host the main tournament  throughout the year and the duration of each tournament will be displayed on . Subscribers of https://www.dgl.k can download and play the game to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard in order to win the offered prizes. Prizes may differ from one game tournament to the next.

How do I subscribe to the
  • Login to and click on Leaderboard
  • Click on the relevant game you want to subscribe
  • Enter the game ID (From the original Game)
  • Click on submit
  • Then accept the USSD request on the mobile
  • You will receive the confirmation SMS
How do I participate in the game tournament and win cash?

To participate, a subscriber is required to do the following:

  • Download the Relevant game
  • Subscribe the game title announced for the tournament wish to play.
  • Play the game and score more
  • Maintain an active subscription for the entire campaign period
Can I change my username on the leaderboard?
Your username Cannot be changed once set.
Can I win cash prizes if without subscribing?
No, if you are not a subscriber, you will be unable to win cash prizes