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NFB Championship 2022

" Maximum of 2 emulator players will be allowed for each team."

Squad Tournament will be held in 3 stages, Group Stages,  Semi Finals & Grand Final

  • Group Stages

○ Each group will have 3 matches in the group stage.

                                                         ■ 1st match         - Erangle

                                                         ■ 2nd match       - Miramar

                                                          ■ 3rd match        - Sanhok

○ Only 40 teams ( Leading teams from each individual group ) will

continue to the Semi Finals.

  • Semi Finals
    • There will be 2 separate lobbies for semi finals, each with 20 teams included.

○ 3 matches will be held in each semi final.

■ 1st match - Erangle

■ 2nd match - Vikendi

■ 3rd match - Miramar

○ Total of 20 teams will be qualified to the finals. (Top 10 teams from each semi final)

○ All the semi final matches will be live streamed via Facebook.

  • Finals
    • Total of 3 matches will be held in the final.

■ 1st match - Erangle

■ 2nd match - Miramar

■ 3rd match - Vikendi

■ 4th match - Sanhok

○ Top 3 teams from the overall point table of the finals will be declared as the winners.

All matches of the tournament  will be held in advanced rooms, where the loot capacity will be doubled.

Prize Giveaway

1st Place
Rs. 25,000
2nd Place
Rs. 20,000
3rd Place
Rs. 15,000
Most popular Team contest winner
Rs. 10,000


NFB Championship 2022

NFB Championship 2022 is open for both mobile and emulator players in Sri Lanka.

Points Criteria


- 15 points

6th                  - 4 points


- 12 point

7th                  - 2 points


- 10 points

8th to 12th       - 1 point


- 8 points

13th onwards- 0 points

                                5th       - 6 points

1 kill = 1 point

General Rules:

  • Teams have to participate in the tournament in exactly the same accounts which they have registered at the beginning. For any adjustment they have to contact the organizing committee only if it is an inevitable situation.
  • Every account has to be at least level 40 to be eligible to participate in the tournament.
  • Players have to play on their own devices. Standard emulator for Pubg Mobile is allowed. Maximum of 2 emulator players will be allowed for each team.
  • Room ID and Password will be shared 15 mins before the starting of each match. Make sure to be on time.
  • Please take into consideration that if any team is unable to make it in time to the room the team itself should take the full responsibility.
  • Make sure that you have all 4 maps downloaded prior to entering the room.

We won't delay or reschedule a match in case of such a situation.

  • Each team will be given a fixed room slot for each round. (Group stage, Semi FInals, Finals)
  • Using third party softwares, hacks, mods or bugs to secure victory is strictly prohibited.
  • If players are found to collude with other team members or members with other teams to provide any player with advantages or benefits or deliberately losing a tournament game for compensation will lead to disqualification of the team.
  • Decision taken by the organizing committee will be the final decision. Play fair and have fun.


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List of teams participating


Live Broadcast

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