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Endgame Season 2

Endgame is the annual E-Sport Competition Organized by Rotaract Club of Athugalpura along with the Interact Club of Maliyadeva College. with our Gold Partners “ictfromabc - Ravindu Bandaranayake” & “Dialog Gaming” and associate partner “pebbles” we bring you the most epic Valorant e-sport competition in the country which is open for islandwide participants. Hurry up and Register now to become on of the winning teams to collect exciting cash prizes. See you in the battlefield!

Prize Giveaway

10,000 LKR
1st Runner up
7,000 LKR
2nd Runner up
5,000 LKR
Most Popular Team
3,000 LKR


Endgame Season 2


Rules and Regulations – Endgame Season 2


  • The tournament is open for island-wide valorant players.


  • The game featured is Valorant on the Singapore server. (Singapore 1 or 2 will be selected through the vote in the form)
  • All the tournament matches will be held in best-of-one knockout method.
  • The tournament will be held under 4 stages (Knockouts, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Finals)
  • The selections for the knockouts will be conducted randomly by use of a software called, the “Tournament bracket generator.” 


  • Map selection for each match will be held according to below method,( The new map Fracture will not be included in map pool)


– Team 1 bans one map.

– Team 2 bans one map.

– Team 1 bans one map.

– Team 2 bans one map.

– Team 1 bans one map.

– The remaining map will be played.

– Team 2 selects the side of the map they will start on. 

  • After Registration, leaders will be added to a WhatsApp group for ease of coordination. All the information you need will be shared in that group. All the communication with the organising committee can be made through the WhatsApp group. 
  • The ID of each team member will be verified before the match. Therefore, only the players who have previously registered themselves through the google form will be allowed to play. 
  • Our coordinator for your team will send an ingame request to the team leader 15 minutes before the match, and thereafter the leader will be added to the match queue and he should add his team members to the queue. 
  • All the teams should use discord or any other communication platform you prefer for communication. All the in-game voices should be disabled. 
  • All 5 members of the team must be present at the given time. The absence of any team member within 10 minutes onwards the scheduled time will cause your team disqualification from the tournament.


  • Organisers will not be responsible for any kind of technical and network issues of the players during, prior and after the game



  • Each Team will be permitted to pause the game for about maximum of 10 minutes to resolve any technical issues that arise during the gameplay 


  • If any player is caught hacking/cheating, they will be immediately disqualified from the match without prior acknowledgement 


  • Use of the reserve/extra player must be informed to the organisers 1 hour prior to the start of the scheduled match.



  • Be responsible to fill out the names clearly of you and your team members to be included in the e-certificate.


  • All the winners (1st ,2nd,3rd) and most popular team will be given a cash prize and a E-certificate


  • The Most popular team will be selected through a Facebook voting campaign.


  • The Whole match will be spectated by a group of organisers and therefore all players are strictly warned to abide by the rules listed above.


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Live Broadcast

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